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If you can not explain something simple, you do not understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein
Our software solutions are based on worldwide practices and models of work. We develop high quality systems for business process management with various fields of application. Implementing our systems companies optimize time for tinformation processing and organizing. They have opportunity to generate different types of reports by set criteria. The way reports are displayed allows executives to become easily acquainted with the current status of the company and take proper operational decisions.
Our systems are built with thought to each user so that he has no difficulties in carrying out his daily duties. All our products are equipped with intuitive menu, which guides the user in everyday work. Each user has a personal screen view without unnecessary buttons, menus and options that are not intended to use.
Our solutions are with different levels of protection depending on the type of business processes. Every software product has mandatory allocation of access rights for each user, visible content management and data protection from an unauthorized access.
Our platforms are developed in a way that allow easy connection with third-party systems and free exchange of information.
Our customers have the right to choose the installation of the system (on-premise, cloud or mixed type).

ERP Accent

Manage process. Digital business transformation. Be inovative.

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Budgets. Campaigns. Leads. Analyses. Marketing. Strategies. Oportunities. Prospects.

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ERP Précis

Effective Finance management system.

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HR Force Flow

Human resource management. See more, Do more!

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Watch-On time Car System

RENT-A-CAR management system

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Sales Direct System (SDS)

Mobile sales. Connected any ware any time. Information in real time.

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e-Synch: transfers and updating data from one system to another

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GM Property

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