our team

Accent-D, here we are - not just employees, but people convinced of an idea and general working principles.

We try to give the best of world practice to our customers and to be their trusted partner in the growth of their business. Our solutions work! They help our customers in their daily activities. We want to know us as we know you!

Head Manager

Dimitar Tashkov

I believe in the human face of the business and try to show the best of my team.



+359 88 564 35 62

Administrative Director

Nadejda Chorbadzhieva

The style of our work defines our attitude towards people.



+359 88 564 35 62

Technical Director

Georgi Marinov

There is no inaccessible technology, everything is a matter of application.



+359 88 504 81 93

Sales Director

Maria Vassileva

The possibilities are there where we look for them.



+359 88 953 35 08