ERP Accent

ERP Accent is a system of new generation that provides modeling of organization processes according to its needs. It allows amendments of different processes and structures at any time.
ERP Accent enables real-time work of all employees, no matter where they are - in the office or not.
The implementation of the system provides:
  • 360° monitoring on business processes
  • Optimization of procedures
  • Automation of processes
ERP Accent improves overall company’s performance and increases its profitability. The system minimizes the possibility of technical errors made by employees and shortens the time for tasks performing. The communication and cooperation between company departments get better, thanks to the clear definition of roles and responsibilities of each employee.
The system generates different types of reports and statements, needed by executives in order to make quick and correct management decisions.
Each employee has the opportunity to work in the office or remotely, at the discretion of his manager.
ERP Accent prioritizes information security by access control management. The system defines individual user access rights and work, depending on employees’ job descriptions and activities. Data security is monitored and protected through a variety of methods and access control tools.
ERP Accent allows communication with third-party systems, used by the company till now. In addition there is opportunity for system development and connection with new ones.