HR Force Flow

Nowadays, human resource management is a big challenge for every organization.
A number of factors determine the complexity in implementing human resource management strategy. Some of them includes:
  • age differences
  • cultural differences
  • educational differences
  • different levels of technical competencies
  • different locations
The implementation of a human resource management system could successfully controll all of them.  ForceFlow system provides fully automated process which help human resource specialists working out proper plans for staff recruitment, training and development.
The employee is put in the center of the system. This favours his professional competences and ensures his career progress in the company. The system helps HR managers make objective evaluation of staff work avoiding under or overestimation of some employees.
  • Force Flow provides all modern tools for selecting potential employees by reducing the time for screening eligible candidates.
  • There is possibility for implementing a system for interviewing and evaluating on the basis of various criteria
  • Managers can use the system for preparing of educational materials which will help new employees easy and without stress to get used to company’s environment.
  • Force Flow can give a testimonial according to predetermined criteria in line with long and short term company’s goals
  • The system monitors the implementation of the assigned tasks
  • enables communication between company departments
Force Flow is a very flexible system that allows the generation of various reports concerning employees status, future needs of the company, funding necessities etc. Thanks to it goals are easily defined and tracked.
Implementing Force Flow you and all your employees receice access to the system from anywhere at anytime. Besides, you have a system that meets all standards for information security.

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