Why should we implement CRM?
CRM OnGo is a combination of business strategies, software systems and processes. All these elements build up long-term relationships between companies and customers.
CRM strategies
The working out a strategy for correct defining of customer’s needs is of great importance. The result should be increasing profitability. A well-developed CRM system betters communication with the customer and its long-term loyalty.
CRM OnGo Software
CRM software is a powerful tool for supporting communication strategies with customers and ensuring their loyalty. CRM system is an intersection between the processes of marketing, sales and service. In this way the process from the initial contact with the customer to each next purchase, is observed.
CRM OnGo processes
In recent years the application of BPM (Business Process Management) systems in CRM has been widely used. To be competitive, companies should be flexible enough to adjust the processes and work undisturbed in a dynamically changing business environment. CRM systems give perfect opportunities of upgrading future automation.

CRM OnGo marketing - a tool that facilitates marketing department work through the medium of:

Customer database segmentation

Automation of marketing campaigns

Diversion of opportunities

E-mail campaigns tools

Events Management

Analysis making opportunities

Integration with other systems

CRM sales enables sales planning and monitoring of the effectiveness of the team responsible for the trading.

Customer database management

Integration with social media

Opportunities Management

Trader ratings

Possibility to work in a mobile environment

Complex data analysis

CRM service improves the quality of service, increases customer satisfaction and leaves a lasting feeling of a reliable partner.

360° view on customer needs

Incident management

Library with knowledge

Customer contacts centralization

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