ERP Précis

ERP Précis is a software solution for organisations providing financial products:
  • credit granting companies;
  • leasing companies;
  • payment services;
  • financial leasing;
  • guarantee transactions;
  • money brokerage;
  • electronic money transfer;
The system provides:
  • an opportunity to maintain a diversified product portfolio;
  • a detailed customer database with built-in mechanisms to recognize matches;
  • automated processes;
  • portfolio management;
  • transaction management;
  • reports and statements compliant with state administration requirements;
ERP Précis compiles a wide variety of reports that assist daily duties performance as well as decision making process.
This software solution allows work in a completely integrated document flow system. Through the platform you can run and supervise all administrative activities of the company.
There are opportunities for control and monitoring of all financial flows.