company history

Accent-D is an IT company established in 2005 with main focus on sophisticated software internet services.
We develop and program custom software, business ERP systems, websites, online stores and e-commerce solutions, web applications, Facebook and Android apps, Smart Home technologies ...
Our products are not just applicable in the daily workflow of our customers — they have crucial impact for perfectly organized and controlled vital business, industrial, technological, logistical, financial, commercial, communication operations and processes.
Many of our clients — financial institutions, industrial companies, providers of IT services, hotels, travel agencies, sports clubs and many more — recognize us as a longstanding, loyal and trustful business partner.
Our commitment towards the problems of our clients we are called to solve for them, together with the rich instrumentation and robust know-how we handle, we managed to build a name of a serious professional.
Our continuous growth suggested the unification of our services under one term describing them best — "software web engineering" — design and creation of flawlessly operating sophisticated software solutions and long-term partnerships.